I am Chandy, a mom to 3 amazing boys, a photographer, and a first grade teacher. I spend my days surrounded by children, whether mine or those of other families, and I can’t think of a better way to spend my days. As my own boys have grown, and my former students have gone off to high school and college, I realize how quickly the days really do pass by. My oldest son is 17 and about to spread his wings. I am beyond proud and excited for him, but also longing, just a bit, for my squishy, rambunctious, adorable baby boy. I am so grateful for the memories that we have created and documented through photography. 

My goal is to do the same for you! I want to help create your memories by capturing the connections, the hugs, the love, and yes, even the tears. They all matter because they all help to tell your beautiful story. I am so excited to get started!